Ceylon Blue Sapphire | (Neelam Manika) One of Sri Lanka’s Top Tier Exports

Blue Sapphire is a very unique variety of gemstones of the mineral Corundum family, where the color exists in an attractive blend of primary blue at various saturations and tonal levels. The Sapphire stone is considered as the birthstone for September in traditional customs and it is also considered to represent wealth and prosperity in the wearer’s life.

The legacy of Gems in Sri Lanka or up until 1972 known as “Ceylon” can be dated back to the 2nd Century AD. Over the years it has been considered an elemental source of unique and natural blue sapphires, that is incomparable to the world. Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphires are considered to be in preference in both jewelry and Vedic Beliefs due to the unique color and carat value it offers. Sri Lanka produces more than 75 other varieties of gems and precious stones.

Top 5 Sapphires Found in the World (by Weight in Carat)
Stone Name Color / Saturation Shape Country of Origin Weight (In Carat)
The Star of Adam Blue Oval Shape Sri Lanka 1,404.49
Black Star of Queensland Black Star Cut Australia 733
Star of India Greyish – Blue Star Cut Sri Lanka 563.35
Logan Sapphire Blue Cushion-Cut Sri Lanka 423.99
Siren of Serendib Blue Star Cut Sri Lanka 422.66


World's Largest Blue Sapphires is from Sri Lanka, including the third largest and the fourth. Furthermore, the Logan sapphire which is a 423-carat sapphire and the Star of India which is a 536-carat sapphire was found in Sri Lanka. Also, the royal ring worn by Princess Diana (Princess of Wales) in 1981 is claimed to bejewelled by a Ceylon Blue Sapphire stone. Hence it is consensus among the gem markets around the world that Gems from Ceylon are relatively superior in quality.

The general understanding among Sri Lankan Gem markets and miners are that the best quality Blue Sapphires are found in the areas of Ratnapura & Deniyaya near Sabaragamuwa province. Mining and Gem Business is a career and a lifestyle that has been passed on from generations to generations in these areas. In addition, Sri Lanka is a flagship destination for handcrafted jewelry where the locally sourced gems and precious stones play a vital role in delivering truly unique designs.

When identifying the value of Gem or a Sapphire, there are a variety of factors that are taken into consideration. Mainly, the color, the cut, clarity and the carat value of a stone dictates the value perceived by it. However, the country of origin is also a very conclusive factor in buying gems.

Generally, there is no hard & fast rule in buying gems. However, there are many elements surrounding gem such as the Color which considers not only the basic color emitted but also the degree of variance of color change that is depicted by the stone. The Ceylon Sapphire Color Chart has over 42 different varieties of Sapphire stones that are found in the island out of which 42 are Blue Sapphire color varieties.