The Padparadscha Sapphire is considered one of the most beautiful and valuable of the Sapphire family. The name padparadscha comes from the Sinhalese word 'padmaraga' meaning lotus (Padma) colour (Raga). The original locality for padparadscha was Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and many believe the term should be restricted to stones from Ceylon. Today most define the padparadscha's color as a blend of lotus and sunset, featuring the delicate color mixture of both pink and orange

Along with the beauty of the stones comes the rarity. This combination of beauty and rarity comes the high price tag for padparadscha’s. Any fine untreated padparadscha of quality above two carats is a rare stone. Fine, untreated padparadschas above five carats can be considered world-class.

Also known as "Padmaraga" - The Lotus in Sunset - is an incredible variety of Ceylon Sapphire Gemstones that encourages spiritual awareness of the bearer. These beautiful Gemstones are flagship representatives of the Ceylon Gem Culture. The tasteful colour mix of Pink & Orange truly shines its prestige in the jewellery market with beautiful necklaces and engagement rings.

Browse Our Incredible collection of Padparadscha Gemstones limited only by what mother nature provides. Shapes, Cuts and Gorgeous Colours limited by Imagination.

1.48ct Natural Padparadscha
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